Corporate Team Workshop


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What is your goal?

We can help you to inspire and motivate your employees through horse-led objective based training excessive. Equine Assisted Learning programs create respect in recognizing our individual differences and understanding that each individual is unique.

Our programs are customized to deeply influence the creation of team spirit and work on the progress of your goals!

Equine Assisted Learning Leadership Developments:ย  Lead with intention and promoting healthy workplace Culture. One that drives self-awareness and real behavioral change.

We bring the theory to life with the addition of horse-led objective based training exercises.

Horses are looking for a leader. They want a leader who is:

  • Confident
  • Consistent
  • Communicating Clearly
  • Compassionate

The same kind of leader we want to be and work for, right?

Equine Assisted Learning Leadership Developments:ย  Lead with intention and promoting healthy workplace Culture.

Each workshop is the perfect balance of theory and practical training to deliver an engaging and powerful learning experience. Founded in behavioral modification theory, our objective based exercises provide the practical application of leadership skills while our horses deliver real time performance feedback to ensure students learn to get it right. The experience is unforgettable, the learning is trans formative and the behavior sticks!

This unforgettable 4 hour horse experience is guaranteed fun as you enhance communication, understanding and respect as you test and challenge each other to accomplish the goals and grow closer together.

$250 Per Person (minimum of 18, maximum 30)

King Chamber Member – $150.00 Per Person

Our chamber members get an exclusive perk of a 40% discount! Simply use discount code “chambermember” when you register.

4 hour program

Catering: $40.00 per person โ€œoptionalโ€ (including breakfast and lunch with refreshments)

All workshops with Students/and or Adult must sign 2 separate waiver forms The first waiver is a Equine Liability Release Form. The second waiver is for in the event of being photographed or video taped. These Forms must be signed before the session starts.


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